Digital Cash Management Solution

Business Banking Anywhere, Anytime

Providing round-the-clock, anywhere and anytime digital cash management solution and services enables your bank to attract and acquire more businesses of any size to bank with you. Your existing customers will appreciate online cash management solution provided by your bank for their conveniences, and to help them manage their business finances effectively. This will help to develop a healthier and profitable relationship between you and your customers.

Penril's OnlineApps Digital Cash Management Solution is designed with giving you high flexibility to meet your client demanding requirements, to enhance your business process services, secure yet incorporate with user convenience and usability in mind, SOA-architecture for great performance, great flexibility to enhance new business needs and expansion at a minimal cost. Because time is money and your bank wish to promote the services quickly, you can count on our professional service team with years of real life project experience who can help you to implement the solution delivery timely, efficiently and economically exceeding your expectation 

"Numbers don't lie. Penril's OnlineApps Business Banking Manager has made it easier for us to approach new businesses and subsequently increase out corporate customer base by more than 3 folds" (Malaysia's Leading Cash Management Bank)

Key Features


Effective navigation for customer to inquire account balances, instruct or make payment or transfer, bill settlement, transaction management, log viewing, limit maintenance, and many others.


Strong authentication with end-to-end encryption to enhance security and usability using hardware or software token and SMS TAC.


Easy and seamless integration to bank's host, ACH, 3rd Party Services Providers, Statutory Bodies, and many others application hosts.


Multi channels, Multi Language, Multi Regions supports in one single platform.


Parameterized for easy configuration and flexible for business users to meet customer demands and requirement quickly.


Content Management for easy communications with your customers for new services introduction, campaign, notifications, and many more.


Contact us and find out how our OnlineApps Digital Banking Solution can digitize your business in the shortest time with low investment. We look forward to hear from you.

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