Lightweight, Scalable, Multi-Channel, Multi-Factor Authentication Solution

Today organizations are struggling with increase online identity frauds and this has shunned customers into performing transactions online. Together with government's regulatory combined with innovative identity attacks such as phishing, man-in-the-middle(MITM),man-in-the-browser (MITB) and other malware, organizations are facing pressure to improve its security and customer's privacy while not sacrificing the convenience of their customers. Basic identity credential such as Login ID and Password is no longer sufficient to protect their customer's privacy and security and needs to deploy advanced identity and strong authentication solution to ensure only authorized users gain access to their system.

UPASS Multi-Factor Authentication Suite is designed to minimize identity frauds and supports for high performance environment and it is also one of the design criteria to be lightweight and easily implemented in short time and cost effectively. The solution is scalable and can be deployed in High-Availability Environment already in use in operating platform like IBM AIX, Oracle Solaris, Red Hat Linux, or Microsoft Windows operating platform and hardware security components like HSM from Thales, Ingenico, Sagem, Verifone, Hypercom. Organizations need not to worry about government security regulations as UPASS strictly complies to both Bank Negara Malaysia and Monetary Authority of Singapore security guidelines.

Available Authentication Methods

UPASS Mobile Token: The revolution security tokens.

You can enable your corporate customers to download the UPASS Mobile Token app into their phone and transform it into a security token. This will save your corporation millions of dollars in security tokens every year. Customers will also enjoy the convenience of having the security token in their mobile phone and enjoy the security benefits of 2-Factor Authentication.

Dynamic Authentication Image based on User ID and Time

The UPASS Mobile Token will generate Dynamic Authentication Image based on User ID and Time. This dynamic image generator is an enhancement to the old static image verification method.

Static Image Verification Method

Security Tokens

We also offer separate Security Tokens solutions for your 2-Factor Authentication.

Secondary Password

The secondary password is used to provide additional challenge to the user if UPASS detects suspicious log-ins. This is to further strengthen the authentication to protect the users.

UPASS Key Benefits

  • Lightweight & Easy to Deploy.
  • Users can use same ID & Password & OTP token to access multiple applications.
  • Secured End-to-End Connection.
  • Scalable and High-Availability enabled.
  • Comprehensive audit logs.
  • Centralized administration via GUI with Role Based Access Control
  • Supports multiple delivery channels (SMS, Email & Postal Mail via PIN Mailer).
  • Able to supports different OTP tokens provider.
  • Support multiple applications authentication in a single installation.
  • Complies to Bank Negara Malaysia & Monetary Authority of Singapore security guidelines.

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